Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pigtails, pigtails and more pigtails!

and more pigtails, originally uploaded by threedancingmagpies.

Starting to panic a bit for the 11 shows we have coming up this fall. Every day we make some more scrabble tiles, but soon will stop and see how sales are the first couple shows. We always run into the problem of shows having too many jewelers and have been turned away. We like to think our stuff is unique and it is somewhat unique to the Capital Region, but we have tried to branch out into some crafted and sewn using fabric items. Ponytails and pigtails have been good sellers for us. The problem is they are easy to make, but when in a rush, they are tough to do a bunch at once. This year I am trying to get a jump, by starting early on them. I made about 20 sets and it took a few hours. Will have to be organized so I can make some each night when watching TV or not sewing or glazing scrabble tiles!

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