Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years and a little meltdown!

I was just about to write a lovely post with photos of all the wonderful traditions and fun things we did. But to be honest . . . I am just too tired! We did have a WONDERFUL holiday. My mom, sister, brother-in-law and my niece joined us from Seattle and my Steve's brother and mom spent as much time with us as they could. It was great! I made three gingerbread houses that we decorated Christmas Eve. Wonderful meals were made. We had a little snow storm with just enough snow. We drank so much wine that my friend at the recycling center asked how many parties we had . . . The kids loved being with family and just hanging out! On New Year's Eve we had a great family time . . . and celebrated Steve's birthday which happens to be the 31st!
The last 48 hours however have been a disaster. The stomach flu came to our house and has not been pleasant. If not sick myself . . . I have been holding, cleaning or caring for a sick child. We have ran out of sheets, towels and plastic bags. Then just now when I was starting to claw my way out of the laundry mess . . . disaster struck.
We have an upstairs laundry . . . which is really a bad idea. I found a blanket that I didn't realize had been violated by last nights sick kids and I brought it up for a good soak in the utility sink. I started the water and walked away. My mom called to tell me they arrived in Seattle safely. We started to talk . . . soon Steve started to yell and yes . . . water was overflowing from the sink and going into the kitchen below.
Now if this was the first time that this had happened . . . I wouldn't be quite as upset, but you see I have gone down this road now THREE times in the last five years. It always happens when I am so tired I can't take it anymore . . . So instead of a wonderful, meaningful post . . . my new year's resolution might be a simple one - either move the laundry room or not use the sink. Enjoy the random assortment of New Year's/Steve's birthday shots and who knows I might get around to a holiday wrap-up or 2010 wrap up sometime in February. For the time being I will be replacing drywall on our kitchen ceiling or maybe just finishing off the bottle of champagne!
Does anyone know a good handyman that also happens to be a plumber?
Sister Karyn and Max ringing in the New Year
Ellie enjoying her favorite gift, a princess dress and the tea party set
Little outside fun in the park on New Year's Eve
Ellie blinged out and cuddling with Uncle Eric on New Years
(just before she got sick)
Fun in the park
Uncle Tony, Steve, Max and Uncle Eric at mid-night
Happy Birthday Steve
Living room on New Year's Eve
Ellie dressing Fancy . . . Aunt Karyn gave her the tiara and she put the rest together.
She loves metallics this season!
My sister Karyn, Mom and I at midnight and after many a cocktail


Megan said...

Oh you poor, poor dear. I wish I lived nearby to bring you some fresh blankets and some bottles of wine! I do hope you are polishing off that champagne as I write. The holidays can be so exhausting it just invites illness to follow. I hope everyone is feeling lots better soon. And Ellie is smashing in her party dresses!

Rafael's Mum said...

Oh poor you! I think anybody can totally understand that your brain just turns off when you have that much to do! And if it happened before too, that only serves to illustrate how much you always have on! I can totally sympathize.. these things happen! Hope the kiddos are feeling better now and you can get back to 'normal' :-)

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