Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hustle Award

Max has a great basketball shirt with a slogan that reads "hustle never rides the pine". I think it is perhaps a slogan I try and live by. I might not always be the smartest, most talented, etc . . . but always know I try hard and am trying to instill that in our children. So I must tell you Hawthorne Threads just really blew me away. Usually I give one of the kids my hustle award for the week, but this week it has to go to Charlie and Lindsay.
I was drawn in my their wonderful newsletter showing me eye candy I could just not pass on . . . I think I placed the order around 3 pm on Monday and it arrived in my mailbox at noon today. Granted we live about 45 minutes north of their location, and the USPS should get some credit . . . but they cut, packaged and got that order on its way! Thanks so much and all I can say is you have made the starting line-up in my book! Here is what they sent me . . . yummy, huh?
The scale of the elephants is great and they are really CUTE, even cutier in person.
This one speaks for itself and says . . . WOWZA! Leicen
New AH and so close to their old Downtown Dot that I really loved, but love these colors even more!
The black with the fall color apples is fantastic. I think some clothes for Ellie in this for sure!
Loving these two and my new favorite color, grey. It is my new black . . .
I think this grouping might be my favorite and the colors are so wonderful!
Started working on the second project for the Urban Home Goods swap and of course the iron spit up a bit on the fabric and it looked like a little rust . . . ughhhh! A quick hand wash and it is all good I hope! I think I am gonna love this project and who knows if it will actually leave our house!
Posted a question on irons and how to solve my dilema on flickr and had some suggestions of trying a clean with vinegar. It was not a fun task, steaming vinegar through the iron, but it did get out some rusty looking bits. I am going to give it a go in the am and if it doesn't work . . . off to buy a new iron. I love this cheap little number, but maybe will need to upgrade.

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wishes, true and kind said...

I always hear very good things about Hawthorne Threads, and you made great choices! Good luck with the iron :)

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