Friday, August 27, 2010

Bee Blocks on the brain

Okay so I have spent WAY TOO much time stressing and working on this quarter's bee blocks. I have no idea why it went south . . . but I think now it is just me not paying attention!
I was determined to learn to paper piece and do a 10 point star. I spent HOURS working on four blocks and only one really came out good enough to send someone. I did learn a little and I promise when I am not under the gun time wise, I will go back and master this block. Here are some photos of the good, the bad and the ugly.
the good
the bad
and the UGLY!
Needless to say I was stressed, I didn't want to give up . . . but I just don't have two hours to work on a block and then have it crash and burn when sewing the two pieces together. I was blog surfing and cam across this lovely tutorial from Twin Fibers and decided to change course.
I have now made four of these and when loading the images into flickr I realized for one, I added a color in that the was not requested. At this point I am banging my head against the wall. So I am back to 3 down and 3 to go, with one lovely block for me to use at a later date!
Here are the three I have so far. This block takes me about 2 hours to finish as well (including fabric cutting) but at least when I am done, I know it is something I can send!
Block for Karie, she asked for blue, orange and white or gray.
Block for Marianne, she asked for lime green, soft pink and grey.
Block for Valerie, she asked for purple, grey and white.
I hope to get these finished this weekend and then I will be in a good position to get all swaps mailed and delivered on time. I look forward to getting back to the Urban Home Goods Swap!
I have two projects basically done and want to work on a few small fun items!
This morning the kids and I reviewed our list we made in June of fun things to do this summer. After finishing his cereal Max pushed the chair back and told us it was time to "sieze the day" and check a few items off our list! Too funny. I am getting ready to leave on our adventure, but not sure I have the right seize the day clothes!


Me? A Mom? said...

oh look at those beautiful color combinations. I think i need to reconsider getting involved in some of these Bees.

megan said...

Your blocks look gorgeous Kirsten - I think you sent your bee block disease over my way! I'm stupidly paper piecing also and made my first one only ten inches and then had to toss my second! argh! But third times a charm and now it's going OK. But yes, I need to pay attention too - or consume more caffeine!

Colette said...

you are so good to be working on these bee blocks...i am having so much fun with my swaps that i haven't really put much thought into the bee! and seriously all of your blocks are beautiful!

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