Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Naptime Sewing

Finished the pillow for the pillow swap I joined. Can't wait to send it on its way in the morning. I hope my partner likes it. She loves warm colors, natural linen and geometric shapes . . . hope this fits! I am thrilled I joined this swap. It pushed my comfort level and now I feel ready to tackle another pillow and also a more paper piecing and strip quilts!
Pillow for Swap - Ready to SendClose up of quilting
I love how the simple quilting turned out and will be quilting this way again for sure. It is a lot of stopping and starting, but I think the top stitched organic look is worth it!
Back of Pillow
Child size oven mittLittle Red Crayon RollCrayon Roll
Ellie requested a "cooking glove" and is always stealing ours when she gets busy cooking dinner in the playroom. Will have to make a manly version for Sam, the poor guy is always stuck with pink and often these days sparkles too! Then a few crayon rolls maybe for holiday gifts?


Red Door Home said...

All your projects turned out beautiful! You are becoming quite the seamstress.

Three Dancing Magpies said...

Thanks Stacey, I am having fun! If you could see them close-up you would see I still have a lot to learn!

SeaWorthy said...

Hi miss seamstress girl! I love the crayon holder, too cute.
We have a huge awesome new YMCA, its built over in Hoquiam and very near our house on Cherry Street. Its storming like CARAZZZZY here on the Harbor today, perfect timing for it, we just got our lawn all done to perfection last week, now its covered in leaves and mudpuddles.oy.

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