Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scrapbook Designs make great holiday fabrics

Will try a slightly bigger pillow formHoliday Pillow for Niece
Have my string block/pillow making mojo going still and thought, how about a holiday pillow. Thinking it will make a fun holiday gift and the pillow without the form will be easy to send to Seattle and then I can buy a form when I get there. I think I am going to try and make a few more for various family members. I have had this fabric for a month or so, but didn't want to cut into it it is so cute! Then I found out my local fabric store and second home, KC Custom Fabrics was getting it in and decided I could get out the rotary cutter since more would be available soon!
Max had a fun day today with a readers' celebration at school. He has really taken off this year with his reading and we are thrilled. They got to take a stuffed animal and their favorite book to school for the party. He took Finn the Webkiz pug and Diary of A Whimpy Kid, Dogdays. He snagged the pillow as soon as I finished for a dogbed. So it looks as if I will be making a dog bed for his stuffed dogs for the holidays. He requested some guy colors so his dogs would feel proud of their bed. Too funny! I do think I will have to tone down the sewing for Ellie, both boys are starting to get jealous. I also sew more for my three nieces than for the boys. I have found some fun boyish fabrics lately, so maybe in the new year. I am as bad as Ellie is with the sparkle shoes with pink and girly fabrics!
Batman was a wildman today and I really didn't get a lot of needed sewing or glazing done. All these craft shows are starting to freak me out! Lots to do in the next couple days!
Max and FinnHe loves itWildman/Batman
Shiny Pink Shoes
Photo by Ellie
Ellie somehow snapped the photo of herself when I was trying to get her to stand still . . .it captured what I was trying to get, the shiny pink shoes. She has been sporting them everyday since Halloween and they really do go with everything! Today I did get her to put boots on when we went out, but as soon as she crosses the threshold, she is back in the sparkle shoes as she refers to them.

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