Saturday, August 8, 2009

Itty Bitty Dress and Favorite Little People make BIG Messes

Dress Bodice and Lining
Itty Bitty Dress for Taylor
My sister had a baby in early June and we have been counting the days until my mom, sister, and new baby Taylor arrive for a two week visit. The waiting is almost over! I went a little crazy making things for her shower and have wished I had kept something back for her birth. It was killing me not doing something new, so today when Ellie and Sam napped, I made a Itty Bitty Dress for Taylor and it is hanging in the guest room waiting for her! It is from a great tutorial here.
How can you get mad at this face?
Sam really love ice cream or as he calls it "ict ceeeam". Anytime we drive by a ice cream stand, he goes nuts. When he wakes up he suggests, "car, ict ceeeam" So today I gave in. This was the result. He got out of his seat and got into his big brothers seat and made a huge mess. Painted himself with ice cream really. Gross, really gross!
Messed up big brother's booster seatBody paint or Ice Cream?
Shirt Girl
The moment I have been both dreading and excited for has finally come true. Ellie is dressing herself and picking out her own outfits. She will not put on what I want her to without a BIG fight. So today she left the house with a diaper on, big girl underwear, elmo pj top on as pants (arms dangling as she runs), a nightgown, t-shirt of Max's, a winter mitten of mine, bathing suit cover-up and a swim shirt. She finished it off by carrying her bunny and wearing her favorite pink rain boots! I think this is the start of something . . .
Rear view with PJ sleeves hanging outRefusing to take stuff off

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