Thursday, August 27, 2009

Campaign to Bring Flea Market Fancy Back

Hands down this is my favorite fabric line.  I find it makes its way into almost every project.  I have spent the summer swapping, buying, dreaming and finding this fabric.  Along the way I have had a lot of partners in crime . . . or at least my husband would think so.  This line has taken me away from both household chores, the gym and sleep . . . as I swap and search for more.  A campaign has been started to bring it back . . . ohhhh would I love to walk into a shop and see the line on bolts!  I find myself not using it in large pieces now, because I don't want to part or cut into it.
Two reasons rule why I am crazy for this . . . the first is the colorways - perfect!  Then the mix of scale of the various prints is what gets me.  Also it is the perfect mix of old classic looks with a modern twist.  The photo above is perhaps my favorite stack from my stash . . . I can't get enough (literally) of the large blue bouquet . . . and then the seedlings, how I love the seedlings!
So in order to help the Flea Market Fancy bring it back campaign, please go here and leave a comment.  With a little luck and a smart business plan, the folks at Free Spirit along with designer Denyse Schmidt might bring it back!
Isn't it lovely?!!!!


megan said...

Oh Kirsten did you leave your grey seeds out of the photo so no one would bother you for a swap, lol!!
What a gorgeous collection!

Three Dancing Magpies said...

It is because I don't have any . . .except a FQ. A good friend is sending me a little more, which I will hide for sure! I did just use a little in a project last night!

Sarah said...

wow wow wow I love your stash soo pretty

Three Dancing Magpies said...

It started from nothing at the beginning of the summer, maybe a few FQ . . . I think I have a problem!

Becky said...

Haha, an obsession indeed! lol!
It is a beautiful line though, it's so easy to get an unruly stash of fabric, I know I have one!!!!! :D

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