Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pillow Talk Swap Mosaics

I thought it would be fun to look at the photos I have put into mosaics for this swap the past four times. It shows that yes I tend to love the same pillows and the same styles, but also that I just am so inspired by everything made by this fun group.
Round 4 Mosaic
Round 3 Inspiration
I love all these pillows!
Round 2
Round 1
As I add these photo to the post I LOVE all these, especially the two in the bottom row corners. The fresh white gets me every time!
Thanks Heather and Kerri for this swap . . . it has been a fun one to take part in. The inspiration is fantastic and really makes this whole sewing/flickr addiction FUN!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Short and Sweet

Three weeks into my cast on arm induced blogging, sewing and creative break . . . missing everyone! Since I am typing with one finger, I will keep this short . . . here is what I was able to finish with the help of my kids and a friend . . .
Tree skirt for the Savvy Seasons swap using the new Moda Bliss. It is a great line and a understated take on the holidays . . . my partner suggested she would love this for holiday decor and I think it will be right up her alley. I plan to use this fabric on some upcoming projects myself.
I had plans to make a bunch of little items and had an stitching project half done . . . so switching gears I decided to let the fabrics help me make a bold statement and I must say I love the outcome . . . I hope my partner will like it, with little kids in her life I think it will be great. My kids wanted to keep it and love all things holiday.
I even cut into my favorite Shinzi Katoh holiday prints . . .
I will have to write a much longer post about how much I have come to appreciate on-line friends both new and old. Two great swap packages came my way in the last couple weeks.
A mug rug and fun goodies from Sue -
How can someone read your blog and look at your flickr photos and just know what you will love. This is such a fun and perfect mug rug for me! The stitching is fab and the whole thing is so fun! Thanks again Sue!
Then I was lucky to matched with a online friend who has been so wonderful to get to know over the last year. She was partnered with me and was supposed to make a couple of potholders . . . well lets just say the potholders brought friends! LOOK at this package, I am still fondling everything and making sure no one spills on the potholder or coasters!
Thanks Linda, I am crazy for everything and just LOVE the farmdale prints!
Okay I want to try and add links to this, but I am off to take a pain killer . . . perhaps trying this wasn't such a great idea, just wanted to say thanks and I am still around and miss everyone!
Have a great rest of October! We are getting ready for a visit from some dear friends from the UK and then my college roomate and her son. It will be fun having guests the rest of the month, I love a full house!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tina Given's Sent me a little package!

Look what arrived on my doorstop a few days ago . . . a wonderful package from Tina Givens. No, not just her fabric from a store, but an actual package from Tina with a note to me! I was planning on participating again in the Kids Clothing Week Challenge (check out all the great kids clothing items people made) this fall, it was awesome all the stuff I made the kids during the Spring. I had seven full days of projects ready to go, pattern and fabrics . . . when I injured myself (more on that later). Tina had a post on her blog about the challenge and she generously offered a pattern and fabric to people who were taking it on and sewing one hour a day making clothing for their kids.
I think the hand written note from Tina was my fav! By the way I have got to get some of her stationary, it is so fresh and fun!
I have pre-ordered her new book, Sew Tina, and was anxious to give the zigzag girl dress a try. I love the crossover bodice and have been looking for a pattern. I mentioned in the note on her blog and it showed up with fabric to make one!
With a little help from my eight year old son . . . he did the cutting for me! Here is the fruits of our labor in just about an hour. It is a great pattern and a fun little dress. I can't wait until Ellie wakes up to try it on her and finish up the sleeves and hem!
The reasons I haven't been on flickr much, sewing or taking part in the kids clothing challenge-
(sorry for the patching style of this post, but I had to cut and paste parts of this because my hand is starting to swell and throb from typing)
For a couple of months I noticed when waking up that my hands were still asleep. Then it got worse last week and I started to feel tingling, burning, and numbness in my hands and sometimes up my arms. I freaked out. Tons of things ran through my mind - heart attack, stroke, MS, etc. I moved up my yearly dr's appointment and found out . . . I have a bad case of carpal tunnel in my right hand and moderate case in my left.
Without realizing it, I have had a mild case for years, finally have started working out every day lifting weights stressed it to the breaking point. I had no idea carpal tunnel could be this painful- the brace is helping and most of the numbness, etc is gone.

So . . . for six weeks I am not to type, sew or really do anything I enjoy. Hope to finish little projects, but hand work will be out! Ughhhh. Typing is out, but I can use the touchscreen on the ipad to keep up with my flickr and fb obsessions. Guessing not a lot of blog posts, but hey what else is new.

I promise lots to show the next time I post!

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