Friday, January 27, 2012

Pillow Talk Swap . . . Love this Swap

Dear Partner in Pillow Talk Swap Round 7,
Hello and happy stalking (my favorite part)! Since blog posts seem a thing of the past for me, I thought I might use this space . . .
Inspiration Mosaic for this round. I think what I notice when I look at my favs, pinterest or mosaics I have made for the last 7 rounds of this wonderful swap is . . . I love patchwork of any kind with bright colors, jewel tones or graphic prints mixed with a neutral (linen or cotton). I used to be fussy with fabric lines I like and now I realize, I really like every line. If you throw in a little hand-stitching I might just faint!
Most important for me, is for you partner to make something that inspires you. So if you are dying to try something, go for it! A special size or shape, I am game. We are easy to please and very appreciative of anything you make.
The we in our house is one lovely husband, a nine-year old boy, and a dynamic four year old duo - one girl and one boy, oh and me! I am your somewhat typical 45 year old mom who can't say no. My days are filled with running our two little kids from activity to activity, being the PTA president of son's grade school and driving all three kids from activity to activity every night. We are way over-scheduled and over committed and this is the year I plan to slow it all down. I try and carve out time for me and have found time recently at the gym and in my sewing room. Flickr is a great place for me to dream and on occasion I actually sew things! I apologize for all the Blythe craziness you will have to weed through in my stream . . . I got a bit carried away and now am trying to downsize the hobby. Part of the fun is sharing it with my daughter who loves playing dolls and then we have a family project going, we are building a dollhouse. The kids have really loved being creative and having fun with this silly family project. We are slowly making progress! Okay back to pillows . . .
After making the mosaic above I realized that my likes seemed a bit narrow, so I gathered some of my all time favorite pillows since really joining into the flickr fun and came up with this mosaic.
(the first pillow in the upper left is a pillow I lusted after and ended up doing a private swap with Amanda. I now snuggle with a very similar pillow on our sofa each night!)
Also partner to make your stalking more streamlined, here is a link to a previous pillow post where I reference other past pillow posts and this one describes places where pillows might hang out in our home (the kids have grown by two years but rooms are the same!)
Thanks in advance for all your efforts!

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